Eyes are the crowd puller and no dress looks good if you don't have eye makeup to compliment it. Good eye makeup boosts your confidence and helps in taking care of the eyes. One cannot deny that applying makeup to the eyes is a Herculean task. You need to be calm, patient and have an understanding of what you are doing. Moreover, you also need to know which type of eyeshadow suits your eyes. This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended to take help from professional makeup artists. Eye makeup professionals know the tips and tricks to make your eyes elegant without making them sultry.  

Here in this video the professional and sought-after eye makeup artist Chloe Henning Mua reviews and makes a smokey-eye tutorial and an eyebrow look using the stunning eyeshadow palette Ellora Palette and the Ultra Definition Dry Brow Pomade from the popular luxury cosmetic brand Ellora Paris in the UK. The ultra-definition eyeshadow palette is globally admired and inspired by universal and natural hues. Eyebrow products from Ellora Paris are creamy and multitasking with a smudge-free, waterproof pomade formula.  

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The beauty products from Ellora Paris are cruelty-free and vegan-made products and there are no nasty ingredients in them. The company aims to provide safety without compromising on quality.  There is a total of 32 highly pigmented and vibrant shades in the eyeshadow palette. Shades are easy to blend and will not make skin dry or cloggy. 16 shades are buildable matte shades. 12 glitter shades are provided for a dramatic look and 2 highlighter shades and a natural blush shade are also provided in the Ellora Palette. The brow pomade from Ellora Palette is made with ultra-pigmented and high-quality raw materials and ideal for all skin types.

Chloe Henning Mua is a professionally qualified makeup artist based from Newry in Northern Ireland. She has spanned years of industry experience specializing in Bridal makeup. She is an expert in offering makeup, makeup lessons, and brow services. She reviews about the Ellora Palette that these eyeshadows are really pigmented and the shades blend literally easier than any other products I have used yet. And she just absolutely loved the palette. She has used the palette to create various looks. The grinch look that she did at Christmas was made using the shades from Ellora Palette.   

Step by Step Tutorial on Eyeshadow Application

Step 1- After applying the eyeshadow primer, mix two shades 'Swift' and 'Mango' from the palette using a big fluffy brush. Start applying from the outer corner of the crease to the inner portions.

Step 2- Take a smaller brush, apply a very little amount of the shade 'Willow' at the end of the outer corner. Drag a bit towards the inner corner of the eyes for a smokey definition.

Step3- Take the big fluffy brush again and give a blend around the edges.

Step4- Take the 'Dark Forest' shade on the smallest brush and apply it in the outer corner in a wooden dye shade.

Step 5- Back to the second brush again and take the shade 'Willow'. Very lightly start to buff out of the edge. 

Step 6- Mix the shades 'Limbo' and 'Bliss' and apply that onto the inner half of the eyelid using fingers for a shimmery shade. 

Step 7- Take the shade 'Dark Forest' on a small brush and apply along the upper lash line and lower lash line from the inner to outer corner.

Step 8- Buff out the black in the lower lash line using the brown shade 'Willow'.


Ultra Definition Dry Brow Pomade

In Chloe's opinion the ultra definition dry brow pomade is pigmented, easy to work with, doesn't give you too strong or harsh of eyebrows, and does not budge. 

Application - Take a very less product on an angled brush. Start from the bottom, draw a line as a base and slowly build it up. Flick up with whatever is left on the brush so that don't get a really strong front of the braid. Pay extra attention to the tail part of your eyebrow.