Guess what we've been up to! 

During this pandemic we've all been through lockdowns and had our lives turned upside down. We've been stuck indoors a lot, left to our own thoughts. A lot of us have been bettering ourselves during this time though and used it as a time for reflection and personal growth. Well, here at Ellora Paris that's definitely what we've used our time doing and you'll never guess what we've been up to! 

Here's the gist - 

Since creating our Ellora Palette that we released in November, we've been thinking a lot and while we were creating the eyeshadow palette we thought, 'why stop at just eyeshadow?' and along with our beauty experts and Katie Madden, we created a bronzer, blush and highlighters to go along with it. 

So again, we were thinking… 'why just stop at the Ellora Palette?' and we decided to create a new product. With our minds ticking, meetings galore (virtual meetings of course!), and lots of input from our beauty team, we decided to fend off the winter blues and we set to work on creating the perfect fake tan, to be released just in time for summer! Eeek!

Again, we used our beauty experts knowledge and know-how to create the perfect recipe for a sun-kissed glow for all year round! 

We don't know what next year will bring, it could be some fabulous sun, sea and sippin' cocktails or it could be some more lockdowns… Either way, Ellora Paris fake tan will have you covered. 

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