Eyeshadows are considered to be the essentials in eye makeup. Everyone should be aware of the beauty basics for acing stunning everyday eye makeup looks. Here is your cheat sheet for all tricks and tips to prettify your eyes. Scroll down to get acquainted with yourself to choose good eyeshadow palettes. 

Kinds of eyeshadow 

1. Powder

Powder eyeshadows are perfectly blendable. These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and that comes in individual pans. The best advantage of powder eyeshadow is the choice of colors and versatility. It can also be used as an eyeliner or even as a blush. These loose and pressed powders are easy to apply for a smooth, stunning finish. 

2. Loose Glitter

The added sparkle turns on the glam looks instantly. Loose glitters are available in myriad shades. They can be built up easily and it is very easy to carry. You can use setting spray or water as a base. For best use, it is recommended to use a flat brush to apply the glitter with a glitter adhesive. Dust off excess product and line your eyelids. 

3. Cream

As the name implies, cream eyeshadows came in a creamy base which is quite blendable and provides a richer texture. Cream eyeshadows are not recommended on humid, hot days for fear of creasing.

4. Liquid

Liquid eyeshadow can be mistaken as lip gloss because of the sleek, translucent tubes. They are long-lasting and pigmented. Liquid eyeshadow dries out quickly. So you should keep the application as quickly as possible. Liquid eyeshadows are truly ideal for beginners who aren't used to working with lots of shadows. 

Shades of eyeshadow

Now have a look at the tints or shades for each skin tone.

1. Cool

Cooler skin tones look even prettiest in pink, purple, cherry, fuchsia, hot pink, and cool blues shades. The white gold and metallics shiny silver looks gorgeous on cool skin tone beauties. Deep wines or teal are great shades to go for. 

2. Warm

If you have a warm skin tone, go for the pink, orange, yellow, and coral eyeshadow shades. The nude shades and pastel tones complement your skin perfectly. Among the metallic shades, you can choose gold, bronze, and hues of copper for a goddess-like vibe.  

3. Neutral

If you have a neutral skin tone, then you are really blessed. Because you can wear any shade you like. Each shade from the dark eyeshadow palette will turn stunning on your eyes. The best part is that the eyeshadow will not be washed out on a neutral skin tone.  

Textures of eyeshadow

Myriad eyeshadow textures are available. 

1. Matte

Matte eyeshadows are highly pigmented and perfect for structuring and shaping eyelids. Offers a flat finish. Matte eyeshadows don’t reflect light so they become ideal for contouring, defining. In order to create a dramatic effect use them wet and dry for a more shaded effect. 

2. Shimmer

Offers a sheen and shine texture. Shimmer eyeshadow looks perfect on every skin tone. The high-shine finish of shimmer eyeshadow suits younger faces. It is ideal for sheer to full coverage. The best advantage of shimmer eyeshadow is that it doesn’t sink into creases.

3. Satin

Satin is a semi-matte texture. The shade lies in between chalky mattes and shiny shimmers. It offers a soft sheen for a more exquisite and beautiful look.

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