Ellora Paris is one of the popular cosmetic brands in the UK established in 2019. Ellora Paris ships its cosmetic products globally. Ultra Definition brow pomades and our bold Ellora Palette are the favored products from Ellora Paris. It includes vivid and glossy eyeshadows, bronzer, eyebrow definers, brushes, and highlighters for those who love to do makeup to build self-esteem and remarkable confidence.  

Shades and formulas of all beauty products suit well with all skin colour, complexion, gender, and age. This is the biggest speciality of Ellora cosmetic products. Above all, these are completely cruelty-free and vegan made beauty products. While keeping the quality Ellora Paris supports local MUAs. 

The upskilled bunch of professionals in Ellora Paris focused to cater to everyone with world-class quality in products. Never compromise on giving sweat-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof elegant beauty products that just glide over your skin! Ellora Paris is definitely a storm in the fashion industry. It offers a safe grooming experience for those who wish to look fabulous on a busy working day or a special day-night event. 

Ellora Palette and other cosmetic products from the brand are experienced and reviewed by popular celebrity influencers, famous makeup artists, and beauty bloggers. It is said to be long lasting for around 48 hours with a super creamy structure, blended well on the skin without making it cloggy or super dry. Which is a high plus point of Ellora beauty products. 

The renowned eyeshadow palette Ellora Palette from the brand has been widely admired and favorited by all the professional beauties. Aine Knocker is a professional makeup artist. Aine has 6 years of rich experience in the industry. She started her career as a makeup artist when she was in a dumping place, and by picking up her makeup brush, she found it, it makes her get distracted by everything. Make-up has now become her forte and is something she is very ardent about. Aine now makes regular content through live streaming, doing tutorials, and so on showing her suggestions and tricks in makeup via her Instagram account.    

The eyeshadow palette has a total number of 32 shades in it. 16 of them are broad buildable matte colours that go apt to adorn your eyes to look larger, and wide. From the remaining shades, 12 of them are shimmering glitter shades that help to create an even more dramatic look. 2 highlight shades are there in the palette to create an illusion of brightness on the face. The palette also combines a beautiful natural blush shade. Last but not the least, there is a golden bronzer provided in the palette to complete your look with a flawless effect. 

Along with the shades, there is a mirror provided in the Ellora eyeshadow palette which is quite wider so it is helpful in easy application of the eyeshadow. You can also go for a retouch if necessary with the help of this mirror. All the 32 shades will definitely go with your looks whether it is natural, bold, fierce, or warm.