The new Ellora Paris palette, created in collaboration with Belfast-based MUA Katie Madden, is an absolute game-changer when it comes to high quality, creamy shadows that give you looks that will take you from day tonight.

It’s an impressive and versatile palette with 28 highly pigmented shades of eyeshadow. Comprising of 16 rich and buildable matte colours as well as 12 stunning glittery shades.

Unlike many palettes these days which tend to theme colours in separate collections. Meaning you end up with too many similar colours- not to mention having to buy different occasions- bora has everything you need in one place. The range of colours is outstanding from vibrant festival shades. Party glitters and many favourites –a range of smoky Victoria Beckham style colours. It really is the only palette you will need from summer to winter and day to night.

The hues of the powders on the palette span earthy. Natural shades and vibrant, universal shades that will compliment every skin tone and colour. Usually, palettes are aimed squarely at the teenage, early 20s market but there are some gorgeous sophisticated colours here perfect for all ages.

Added to the amazing eye shadows there is a rich bronzer. Creamy blush and two glowing highlighters to help you perfect look.

It’s clear that experienced MUA Katie Madden of KM studios has had a big influence in the design of the versatile palette and shadows as they are simple to use .highly pigmented and so, so bendable.

When it comes to applying makeup, I believe it’s important to ask the experts. so, I ask makeup artist Chloe  Hetherington from Younique clinic in Belfast to try out the colours on me.

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Chloe says- “I am very impressed, there is everything here, there are so many would work for all skin tones and all ages which is unusual for a single palette.

“I really enjoyed working with it as the shadows are very pigmented. You don’t need to use much product to build a look”

Chloe gives me a lovely smoky eye using the browns and neutral shades which really bring out the blue in my eyes.

I really like the finished look. And it lasts well into the evening without smudging, the colours are lovely and strong and bright without being too garish and young for me-which is always a worry when you are in your 40s.

I am really impressed with the Ellora palette and I know you will be too –and what’s even better is that it is vegan and cruelty-free.

You’ll have a great time blending and buffing these colours. Get ready for countless makeup possibilities that will easily take you from day to night