While eyeshadow has always been the staple of beauty. Common eyeshadow is divided into two textures, glossy eyeshadow, and matte eyeshadow. Both glossy and matte eyeshadow is in trend.  

Glossy eyeshadow 

The wet look, intensifying pigments, and beautiful formulation of glossy eyeshadows will make you even prettiest. A glossy glow on your face provides an illusion of added hydration and makes a high impact with the lowest efforts. Though they are easy to attain- just simply draw a layer of gloss over your eyelids- they are not that much easier to wear, and it may just end up a big mess if you are not too careful. If you’re looking to get a glossy lid with staying power and depth, read on for how to make it work for you. 

Application tips

To start, take the shimmery, metallic, or matte eyeshadow, try to avoid glitter for optimal results. You can choose powder, liquid, cream, and gel because all formulas work here. If you are looking for new eyeshadow palettes, try the Ellora palette, which makes the wearer's eyes stand out, and is easily buildable to your desired intensity. Apply with fingers or a brush, making the colour as opaque or sheer as you please.  

To apply, tap on a thin layer with your fingers, starting with the centre of the eyelid and working your way around it, and make sure to avoid the crease areas.

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Matte Eyeshadow

Matte eyeshadows are perfect for creating a countless, dusky, and smoky eye look. Compared to the best glitter eyeshadow palette, it provides a non-glittery, smooth finish for your eye makeup. When it comes to pigmentation matte eyeshadow pack a punch. Using a matte, neutral shades on your eye crease is the best way to enhance your natural eye color.   

Matte eyeshadow does not appear shiny when applied and does not have any kind of light reflectors. In terms of its texture, matte eyeshadow is silky just like other kinds of eyeshadows. They are best if worn during the day, proper choice of shades and blending can turn your look exceptional and very attractive. Simple, sophisticated, and use a deep brown matte shade in the eye crease to create a sculpted eye look that pops.

Application tips

Do not forget to conceal the eyelid before applying matte textures to the eyes. Because it creates a base for the eyeshadow to hold to and makes them easier to blend. 

You can use an eyeshadow primer as a base, or you can use a translucent face powder. Start with a neutral base shade. Take a fluffy brush to blend, as you will get better pigmentation and placement using a denser brush. Note that glide the bristles over the pan in one direction. Don’t wipe or swirl shadow brush back & forth because this will result in fall-out, and the application will be patchy. Use two eye brushes; one to apply your shade and a clean one to blend. 

Both types of eyeshadows add life, color, and depth to the eyes and are worn as part of the everyday beauty routine.